They might be worse than poison.

Data taken from Scientific Fund for Information Research, LLC

Just The Facts

  1. Cigarettes are highly addictive.
  2. There aren't enough warnings about how dangerous they can be.
  3. As proven by the chart (above), they are the deadliest thing on earth.


Cigarettes are used by a large portion of people on the planet, and in the United States. Those that don't use them take it upon themselves to remind everyone who does that cigarettes are disgusting and deadly. If it weren't for these people, word would never get out, because there is little-to-no information published about the dangers of smoking, second-hand smoke, lunk cancer (I think it's spelled), heart disease (whatever that is), or emphysema (which is a word I just made up, just now).


Smokers are second-class citizens, despite their overwhelming numbers and backgrounds ranging in class, income, and vocation. They should all be treated as such, quarantined, and allowed to die, in order to destroy the disease of tobacco addiction. If you see a smoker, call the Quit This Shit Hotline at 1888-SNUFF IT. Only the vigilant can rid the streets of this horrible public nuisance.