The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report

The host, Stephen Colbert

Colbert, apparently going to, or in, Iraq

Just The Facts

  1. One of Commedy Centeral's most watched shows
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  3. Since it is cracked... PENIS

What others have said about the Colberto Report Host

Stephen with some of our great presidents

"If I were alive, I would certainly engage in the viewing of this mans program (in case you are retarted, I am not alive)- Abe Lincoln

If John Locke and T-Paine* had a baby, that man would be Stephen Colbert- George Washington

*Not the rapper, rather the influential pamphleteer whose inflammatory work Common Sense sold more than half a million copies.

Show format

The show starts off with Stephen entering the stage to theme music and a cheering crowd. He then reports on currents events, makes jokes and has popular segments such as "The Word". The show finishes with a guest, being interviewed by Colbert.

The Stephen persona

Colbert is a liberal who in his show portrays a hardline conservative. While a recent TIME survey showed that most conservatives fail to realize that they are being mocked, this fact is easily dismissed by the reality that most conservatives are morons.