Astro Boy

The totally needless "hero" in our fucked up little world, making kids everywhere want guns in their ass and boys want, umm, well...

Mommy! can i have machine guns up my ass tooooo? please mommy!?

Just The Facts

  1. Astro boy is a robot created by an old geezer to be his son and most amazing creation, i tried the same thing, but with a prostitute. perv.
  2. Astro boy apparently has no problem with an old man creating him with built in ass guns (among other things).
  3. If i met either of these people in real life my instant reaction would be to threaten astro boy and then promptly stick my head up his ass, you know, go the manly way.

The children of tommorow...

Make the children of today very jealous. I have to hang around small children alot because of my age and so, me never having seen astro boy, i hear a lot about it. i keep seeing tiny boys pointing their asses at other boys and it makes me think that if that boy was in jail he would get a different reaction. The fact that Astro boy is the hero kids see today makes me sad. Just think, if spiderman shot webs out his ass, what would america be today? instead of webspinners we have waist web spinners.... on our asses. But I'm getting off topic. Okay, so lets get a little backround history about astro boy.

A little backround history.

Astro boy apparently used to be pretty cool. it was one of the first japanese comics and tv shows. However if the japanese found out what we did to it we'd be hearing "KAMIKAZE" and other bullshit being shouted as japanese suicide bombers shot and blew the shit out of the movie theaters. In other words, american astro boy is a pussified version of the japanese version. While the original creator wanted this show to basically say love all life, i also believe that the people who helped create it also put in some bad ass battles. Again, the american version is pussified and if the japanese worked on it we would see fucking huge robots getting meat grinded by astro boys ass guns.