Rock Band

Whoever transcribes the lyrics for the vocal tracks sure knows how to make a song his own.

Just The Facts

  1. Rock Band is developed by Harmonix, which originally made Guitar Hero, which Rock Band DOES NOT completely rip-off.
  2. Rock Band actually does rip-off the Guitar Hero formula, but, hey! It's got more instruments! And they play the exact same way as the guitar!
  3. Playing Rock Band will actually get you more groupies than a real life band, all thanks to the worldwide appeal of Xbox Live and bad covers of classic Black Sabbath songs.

The Cracked Take on Rock Band

Rock Band, the most allegedly original music game ever, according to fanboys, is actually only original in that it succeeded in putting more of the karaoke experience on a screen. Rock Band is also well known for allowing users to create their own avatars, rather than the goofy-ass cartoon characters in Guitar Hero. Fans appreciation for this feature is obvious in online gameplay, where everyone has the same generic blonde singer/guitarist/drummer/under-appreciated bassist.

Rock Band is also well remembered for its vocal tracks, which throw off players who thought they knew the lyrics, only to find them misprinted due either to censorship or just plain stupidity on the part of the lyrics writer, who apparently couldn't just use Google to find the words to the less-intelligable sections.