Slash is a very skilled guitarist and had a pretty cool stage name.

Slash seen here radiating pure badass

Just The Facts

  1. Well known for being the (former) guitarist for Guns n' Roses and Velvet Revolver
  2. Rocks the sunglasses and top hat like a motherfucker
  3. His real name is Saul Hudson, but who gives a shit, Slash is a cool nickname
  4. Was the only rock legend in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Cracked on Slash

Slash is one of the most well-known guitar players around the world. He first gained fame playing with Guns n' Roses in the late 80s and early 90s and rode his extremely awesome appearance to future fame. He is credited with crafting the famous riff that became Sweet Child O' Mine, GnR's first #1 hit. A lot of speculation has been raised over why Slash chose his stage name. While researching for this article, Cracked reporter Chaunsey Pepperbottom interviewed the guitar legend himself and got some surprising answers. However, after our office were raided by no-good thieves, only this snippet of the conversation remains:

The Exclusive Cracked-Slash Interview

Chaunsey: Hi Slash, thanks for taking the time.

Slash: yea bro no prob

Chaunsey: Uhm, well, let's get started. First of all, the question on many fans minds: how did you chose your stage name?

Slash: well liek dis 1 time i was jammin wit Duff and hes like "dude u gotta hav a stage naem" and i was all "lol why" and Duff was like "cuz u have a pussy name." i was all "oh shit u r rite"

Chaunsey: And?

Slash: neways Duff sed that I shud take my name from my fave hobby, so im like "how about Mr. Gobbledick" and duff was like "yo dude fuck u your so gay" and so I stuck with Mr. Gobbledick ever since ya know

Chaunsey: But your name is Slash.

Slash: Oh yea hahaha

After that, our file ends, so the origin of Slash's name may never be known.

Left to right: The Bitch, Slash, The Fatass

Slash's Discography

With Guns n' Roses: Apetite for Destruction | Use Your Illusions I & II | GnR Lies | The Spaghetti Incident

With Velvet Revolver: Contraband | Libertad

With Billy Ray Cyrus: The What the Fuck Are We Doing Collaborating Album