NFL Cheerleaders

National Football League cheerleaders work very hard promoting their respective team's image in the community, visiting soldiers stationed overseas, and raising funds for many worthwhile causes. Don't worry, we won't discuss any of that stuff here.

If you're happy and you know it, let's see both hands!

Just The Facts

  1. Like a chocolate coating on bacon, NFL cheerleaders make a great product even better.
  2. Unlike high school or college cheerleaders, the pros don't bother with stupid pyramids or chanting bullshit.
  3. Why the hell are we wasting time typing words for this page. It's like writing articles for Hustler.

Meet the NFL Cheerleaders

Arizona Cardinals

squad name: Cardinals Cheerleaders

fun fact: The Cardinals cheerleaders could probably kick your ass.

Atlanta Falcons

squad name: Falcons Cheerleaders

fun fact: For some reason, they have a Twitter page.

Baltimore Ravens

squad name: Ravens Cheerleaders

fun fact: Model and wrestling babe Stacy Keibler was once a Ravens cheerleader.

Buffalo Bills

squad name: Buffalo Jills

fun fact: The Jills have an Ambassador squad, which is a team of girls who are "non-performing Jills and selected specifically for their outstanding ability to professionally mingle & converse with others".

Carolina Panthers

squad name: Top Cats

fun fact: Well, there was that lesbian encounter in the Tampa nightclub bathroom a few years ago, an incident that proves that the stupid shit that occurs in porno movies can actually happen in real life on occasion.

Cincinnati Bengals

squad name: Ben-Gals

fun fact: Life as a NFL Cheerleader means you a required to smile and dance even after your team just gave up an improbable last-second 87-yard touchdown on a tipped pass to lose the game.

Dallas Cowboys

squad name: Cowboys Cheerleaders

fun fact: Aerobic workouts for the Cowboys Cheerleaders are strenuous and not-at-all boner inducing:

Denver Broncos

squad name: Broncos Cheerleaders

fun fact: The Broncos Cheerleaders like reading. Hey, you're reading right now! With all of this common ground, you are sure to be successful when you ask a Bronco Cheerleader out on a date!

Houston Texans

squad name: Texans Cheerleaders

fun fact: The readers of recently annointed Texans Cheerleader Randi the "Hottest Cheerleader in the NFL". It could be that the contest was just an excuse to run pictures of pretty girls in skimpy outfits, but what self-respecting website does shit like that?

Indianapolis Colts

squad name: Colts Cheerleaders

fun fact: The Colts organization was the first in the NFL to have a cheerbabe team. Thanks, Colts!

Jacksonville Jaguars

squad name: The Roar

fun fact: Former Roar girl Tesha Nicholson decided she needed something beyond being a fabulous NFL cheerleader, so she went online and got herself a free boob job.

Kansas City Chiefs

squad name: Chiefs Cheerleaders

fun fact: When you hire the Chiefs Cheerleaders to spice up your function, you get more than dancing and autographs. You get a Variety Show!

Miami Dolphins

squad name: Dolphins Cheerleaders

fun fact: Former Dolphins Cheerleader LauRen Merola was Miss Pennsylvania USA in 2008, and finished fourth runner-up in the ensuing Miss USA competition.

Minnesota Vikings

squad name: Vikings Cheerleaders

fun fact: The hottest member of the Vikings Cheerleaders just might be their Head Coach and Coordinator Tami Krause, who is the current Mrs. Minnesota International 2009.

New England Patriots

squad name: Bradyettes... just kidding, it's the Patriots Cheerleaders

fun fact: When the organizers for the Beijing Olympics decided they needed cheerleaders at the events, they called upon the Patriots Cheerleaders to teach them how to do it right...the American Way!

New Orleans Saints

squad name: Saintsations

fun fact: The Saints cheerleading team have gone through several terrible names in their history: Lousiannes, Mademoiselles, Mam'selles, and Bonnes Amiees. The current version began in 1987, and the Saintsations name emerged from a fan contest.

New York Jets

squad name: Flight Crew

fun fact: The Flight Crew uniforms were created with the help of fashion designer and businessman Marc Ecko.

Oakland Raiders

squad name: Raiderettes

fun fact: Raiderette + Active duty USAF Airman = Jana White: badass babe

Philadelphia Eagles

squad name: Eagles Cheerleaders

fun fact: The 2009 Eagles Cheerleaders calendar is eco-friendly, partially because the cheerbabes are wearing bikinis made from recycled materials.

St. Louis Rams

squad name: Rams Cheerleaders

fun fact: Old school video clip: The Dukes of Hazzard's Catherine Bach and the Rams Cheerleaders attempt to give George Burns a heart attack by doing some "aerobics" (feel free to skip ahead to 0:50 in the clip).

San Diego Chargers

squad name: Charger Girls

fun fact: Marcia Smith of the Orange County Register gives some behind-the-scenes insight into the life of an NFL Cheerleader (including the ridiculously low pay they earn).

San Francisco 49ers

squad name: Gold Rush

fun fact: Model, actress, and current NBA scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin was a Gold Rush girl during the 49ers 1994-95 Super Bowl winning season.

Seattle Seahawks

squad name: Sea Gals

fun fact: The Sea Gals are tougher than Brett Favre.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

squad name: Buccaneers Cheerleaders

fun fact: The squad was called the SwashBuclers until 1999, when the Bucs organization revamped everything (including the cheerleading uniforms) in a successful attempt to break from their moribund past. We think it was a good idea:

Tennessee Titans

squad name: Titans Cheerleaders

fun fact: Titans Cheerleaders know their Titan.

Washington Redskins

squad name: Redskins Cheerleaders

fun fact: When the "Redskinettes" were formed in 1962, the organizers thought it would be a good idea to dress them in "native-themed attire". It didn't last long.