Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke was one of the most influential science fiction authors of the 20th century. He was also really smart guy that makes us all look like idiots.

Even his shirt is smarter than most of us.

Just The Facts

  1. Once tried to order an organized curbstomping of Kubrick for fucking up 2001.
  2. Face it.. this dude was smarter than you and everyone you know.
  3. Smart enough to come up with the idea of communication sattelites.

Wierd shit in Arthur C Clarke books.

  • Big black floating things in space that will suck you in and make you a fetus.
  • Space-travelling, self-contained worlds that are watched over by robots.( Robots that would probably kill you after you hit the red button or something.)
  • Mind-controlling aliens. They made a a bunch of people in spain experience a bull fight from the bull's point of view. If that isn't some awesom shit I don't know what is.