Gilbert and Sullivan

Gilbert and Sullivan were the Victorian equivalent of Andrew Lloyd Weber, light and frothy entertainment for the masses. More low comedy than grand opera.


Just The Facts

  1. Not Gilbert O'Sullivan, Gilbert AND Sullivan.
  2. Ny kultorni.
  3. You know what that means, even if it is a Commie language.

Who were these guys

Sir William Schwenck Gilbert

Eat your heart out, Teddy Roosevelt

Poet, playwright, painter, librettist (that means he wrote the words to the songs, stupid) and general all round stone hearted bastard. Totally paranoid regarding secrecy and income, probably due to the mental scarring he received from having the name Schwenk and his parents separating when he was the tender age of 40. He was one of the first people to own a private telephone, making him a Victorian geek. And was endlessly pissed off by his co-composer getting a knighthood a decade or so before he did.

Sir Arthur Sullivan

Bon vivant means "eats with a shovel"

A hypocritical, whore chasing, bon vivant composer, who considered his works on the operettas as a complete waste of time. The same guy who wrote "Onward Christian Soldiers", that Salvation Army classic, had at least a dozen affairs, including two simultaneous affairs with sisters. Like all good Victorian males, he kept a diary, including the number of times he had sex per day with his current mistress. He never married, for obvious reasons.

The Savoy Theatre

The Legacy

The Operas

Editors note: You honestly don't give a shit about any of these, so, to aid readers to give a flying fuck while the get a dose of obscure culture, there is one spelling or grammar mistake per section.


Trial by Jury

The Sorcerer

H.M.S. Pinafore

The Pirates of Penzance



Princess Ida

The Mikado


The Yeomen of the Guard

The Gondoliers

Utopia Limited

The Grand Duke