2 And A Half Men

Despite what you might think, this is actually a show and not an scientific experiments. The show premiered on CBS, September 22, 2003. In which exactly.. no one watched it because they're hopes of a sci-fi comedy was not fufilled.

Starting from the top left going to the right: Clevage, Man # 1, Man # 2, Female # 1, Female # 2, Some Kid and Charlie Sheen.

Just The Facts

  1. Does anyone really watch this show?
  2. I do.
  3. It premiered on CBS, but who watches CBS long enough before their porn loads?

Two And A Half Men?

I really don't know what type of ironic, sarcastic comment is placed behind the name "Two And A Half Men." That's probably audience, daily. Or, it refers to where the money from the show(About 3 dollars, before taxes), is going towards. A fusion between two dim-witted men to create a real life superman, but ended up with a really bad siamese twin.

This. Only less awesome.

I digress. The show itself is mainly about Charlie Sheen, a rich pedophilic childrens song writer who has like.. a gazillion dollars and graciously let's his loser of a brother live with him. Now here's where it get's intresting. His brother has a child, a very effeminate little boy who rarely thinks of females. Every episode after the pilot is full of Charlie Sheen having sex with women and his brother crying. And there is apparently an ogre who guards the kitchen. Oh yeah, and there's clevage.