The Devil

Everything you never wanted to know about humanity's best pal. Lucifer. The owner and CEO of Hell. In this topic I will blow your minds with all kinds of information. just click and read my friends

He's a nice guy, once you get to know him.

In Neil Gaiman's Graphic novel the Sandman, Lucifer gets tired of everyone's BS and closes hell. Opening a piano bar in LA. He even got a spinoff series writen by Mike Carey. Where all sorts of wacky things happened, including Lucifer outsmarting and generally kicking the ass out of a bunch of Shinto Gods, and trying to get the incarnation of Destiny to place a bet that life was random..

Some stories say that Lucifer would stare at his reflection and laugh evily while twisting his nipples. Propaganda? Or truth?

Just The Facts

  1. The most common depiction of the Devil is Lucifer, An angel who rebelled because he hated humanity because God gave us free will.
  2. Lucifer is usually depicted as a charismatic salesman of sorts. Tempting humanity with what they want for their immortal souls.
  3. The movies say he has many names. Such as the snake who tempted Adam and Eve. People who look over the bible for a living think the snake was actually an entirely separate being called the leviathan and not a fingerpuppet


In my professional opinion as somebody who despises pretty much everything. The only Devil is in your head. However, if he were to exist I think he would be the charismatic, charming, misleading scamp that so many authors, artists, and actors have portrayed him. He may have started the war in heaven, but he had good reasons. 1: he was young. 2: According to most authorities on the subject of angels, There are no women and they have no genitailia. To top that off God pretty much gave humans EVERYTHING. Free Will, which is the opportunity to not have to worship him 24/7, Eternal forgivenes...If a pedophile confesses his sins and repents, they get forgived and welcomed into the warm bosom of God. If your unlucky enough to be an angel, if you so much THINK about stealing from a cookie jar you WILL BE DAMNED IN A LAKE OF FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! What would you have done under those conditions? 3: Whatever happened, happened. Nobody should have to be responsible for the collective evil of humanity...that's just an excuse to do whatever you want without fear of consequence. Grow. Up.

The interpretation of why he damned himself is either one of two things. 1: he loved himself more than Michael Jackson loved Peter Pan (too soon? I dont care.) and hated us for being daddy's new "favorite" or 2: he didn't so much hate us as the really eff-ed up rules.

Judging by the state of the world as it is I would like to think if there was a devil he would be more like this.