Neo-Nazism, a look on some of the most backward humans on out little rock.

I hate Illinois Nazis!

Just The Facts

  1. Neo Nazism stemmed from the idea of white supremecy.
  2. Neo Nazis generally practice anti semitism.
  3. Neo Nazis still praise Hitler...


As you can see they've kept up with the physical standard of Nazi Germany

As you can clrearly see, still the physical embodiment of perfection!

We've all seen them, we all cringe at the site of their frighteningly shaped heads and we all know one day we'll hear one of them shouting something fairly abusive or saying something like "You're lucky you're not Jewish." right after mugging us, but of course them saying it won't be half as wonderfully punctuated as this article.

Someone fell asleep at the Putsch!

Ah yes the scourge of the new world, neo Nazi's stemmed from the original and much better organised Nationalist socialist party of Germany. In 1945 when the war ended, Hitler dying like a cockroach somehow managed to spread thousands of little eggs which were dragged on the boots of the allied soldiers back to their poor unsuspecting countries. These mini Hitlers aren't half as bad but twice as annoying as the real thing, roaming the streets attacking racial minorities or anyone else who seems like they agree with the kosher new society we have around these days. Now to really understand these children of evil, these strange deranged creatures we must look at origins.

In 1936 Hitler seized power in Germany, the world took no real notice saying "Fuck it we still run this show and you're in no position to tell us otherwise." This was all well and good until Hitler decided he wanted the world to be blonde and blue eyed (which is funny thinking about it now because he was a short dark haired man with brown or green eyes and most Neo-Nazis now have shaved heads...). So Hitler fell in love with the idea of this Aryan race. A race of super men as he put it. But it wasn't til 1939 when after Hitler put on his puppy eyes and pwomised to never invade lil ol' Poland he decided "Fuck that shit, watch this!". Of course the rest of the world were all like "Fuck Poland we're fine!" except of course for the Brits and the french who decided to have another chop at the old common foe and started periodically getting their asses handed to them, enter Russia and the USA. Hitler not expecting the Russians to react badly to the whole invasion thing and forgetting it was fucking cold in Russia and The Japanese not realising that Americans don't see it as a way of saying "Hey everybody" when you bomb the shit out of their naval bases the axis of evil started falling over its own stupidly untied shoe laces. I would mention the Italians if it didn't make me sick every time i think about how bad they sucked.

"He always knew how to get a Lolocaust going" - Josef Goebbels

So after all this happened where did the idea of this common hatred of other races escape to, how did the atrocities of the Holocaust not instantly make everyone who's ever had an anti-semitic thought apologise even if they didn't know any Jewish people. Simple answer is that hatred is helped along by breeding, its the same with loving something, chances are if your dad loved the 49er's so do you! If your dad like killing Jews for stereotypical reasons I'll be avoiding you in the streets!

So is there ever going to be a "final solution" to the Neo Nazi problem? I can tell you now it's a firm no. Not for another couple hundred years anyway, Neo Nazis will, unfortunately, always be around in our life time. And although this is upsetting take refuge in the fact that no matter how stupid or ashamed you ever feel about yourself, you'll always be better than Neo Nazis. (That doesn't include clan members, they're pretty much on an even stage!)