The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is a military alliance of Western Nations (the ones that actually have a kick ass army) that are united with a belief of "if you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us".

The offical flag of NATO

Just The Facts

  1. Have been defending Western Democracy since 1949
  2. Member nations are responsible for making some of the best guns
  3. Fucking with one of them means you have fucked with all of them

The History of NATO

Most people would be suprised to know that there was once a time that Western European nations did not get along. For ages these nations would fight over stupid shit. Then World War II happen and when it was over, the European nations had gotten bombed the fuck out. As a result the world power had shifted to the USA and the USSR.

However in the post-war era, America returned or placed in power the deomcratic goverments and rebuilt the nations while the USSR put in power its communist buddies and made Eastern Europe its bitch for the next 50 years (Cold War).

Relizing that they will never be able to fight communism if they contiune to figt among themselever every time an archduke is assinated or Poland gets invaded, the freedom loving Western nations decided to end their age old bitchin and unite aginst a common threat.

However over time the role of NATO ohas been challenged with in by the French, who were still all butt soar from WWII and Vietnam, to sissy politicans who were too scared to fight communism or just wanted the Kremlin to finger bang them.

Guns (The shit you care about)

Unlike the UN or any other sissy world organization that tries to achieve world peace by promoting circle jerking, NATO has been protecting the world (world is defined as civilized West) from communism and terrorism by blowing the shit out of them.

The armies of a NATO nation are ranked as one of the most badass in the world. With a badass army comes with an arsenal of some of the best guns in the world, this is the shit that Charlton Heston wanted you to have but that sissy James Brady wants banned.

Most of the worlds most kick ass guns are made by a NATO nation

But NATO has set high standards for its guns, since it will be difficult to defend the freedom loving democratic West if the armies are using piss shooting water guns that are approved by that sissy, James Brady. Instead, NATO has set high standards for its guns so that soldiers are more effective at killing terrorists and communist.

NATO has the following standards set for its guns. They have to:

  • Be very accurate
  • Soldier friendly
  • One Shot kill
  • Use of powerful bullets
  • Kick ass
  • Needs to also blow shit up at the same time

Because of the high standards, we have today some of the most awsome guns ever. Without NATO standards our soldiers would have been using some sissy gun that can not effectively kill a terrorist or a communist.