Gum is one the third most consumed snack food in the United behind pieces of old bicycle tires and the rubber soles of old boot(after chewing gum the fourth most popular snack is spare change)

Without the help of this chart you could've ended up chewing on rocks, broken glass,steak, or even a BOAT( seriously, you don't want that...follow the chart)

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Just The Facts

  1. The first "gums" were chewed by ancient man and consisted of beeswax, tree sap, and red dye 40
  2. The first successful modern bubble gum was produced in 1924 and was called "Blow gum", however the company quickly changed the name to "Blow bubble" when Colin Stanley gum, an Australian astronomer complained of being inundated by young women attempting to fellate him after seeing advertisements.
  3. The largest bubble ever blown with bubblegum was 23 across.it was simultaneously blown by Richard Simmons and David Caradine...How does that work? Fuck you.

The History Of Gum.

A long time ago BC:

Gum has been around in the form of tree sap, beeswax,naturally occurring rubbers and dried elephant semen for thousands of year. These first chewing gums were likely discovered by early man trying to find new edible plants, when they tried to eat such substances they found they could not consume them, but rather chew them continuously for an indefinite amount of time with no obvious benefit until they either spit the "gum" out or were mauled to death by lions.

Ancient times BC - 1840 AD:

There are absolutely no new developments wonderful world of chewing gum.

1842 AD:

John B. Curtis produces the first commercially available chewing gum. It is a spruce gum. It's main ingredient is the sap from spruce trees(No, there was absolutely nothing worth actually buying in 1842). Curtis's business enjoyed moderate success for several years, but in 1848 he packed up and, in search of better business, moved his family to Bangor, Maine, a place also know as "the chewing on bits of pine tree capital of the world", it is speculated that the towns less than creative nickname is what inspired Curtis to move his Gum operations there. Whatever the case, The towns love of chewing food coupled with the residents' inate and inexplicable hatred of swallowing food made it the perfect place to sell Curtis's now named "State of maine spruce gum: all he joy of mastication, none of the chore of swallowing". some say this catchy new slogan was Curtis's greatest idea in life, while others say it was the greatest idea in FUCKING EVER.


After it's initial success in 1924 bubble gum became a staple part of American youth. Never before had so many tender young mouths been filled by the gentle caress of a soft pink mass

[citation needed]

and now that these fine young mouths knew the joy of it they weren't about to let it go, and by the end of the decade Bubble gum became the most popular snack among young people, Americas greatest non-millitary export, and the most abundant element in the universe, surpassing hydrogen by 97.36%. This means that if something exists, there is a 103% chance of it being made of bubble gum.