Ways to Improve Your Memory

Memory is important.We need to remember things and the more things we need to remember,the more we need to improve our memory using different methods

If only it were that simple

Just The Facts

  1. Memory is our ability to store, retain and recall information
  2. From times to time eevrybody has trouble remembering some things
  3. Luckily there are a few methods that help us improve our mental capabilities
  4. Here are a few methods

Moderate drinking

That's right. Drinking actually helps improve memory.

There is evidence ( kept in a secluded testing area) that moderate drinking can improve memory and cognition. Some studies have found that moderate drinkers do better on certain tests of memory and cognition than nondrinkers and heavy drinkers ( kept in an irish pub).

In fact drinking can help one on the long run concerning the fact that a study has shown that 4000 old timers, who are light drinkersm, consuming up to two glasses of wine a day had less chance to develop Alzheimer's disease than nondrinkers.

Please do observe the word moderate. Retain it. For excessive drinking can handicap the meory

One good example would be that time when you woke up after that party in your freshman year in a strange spinning room and the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was ...

Was it good for you?

Was it good for you?

... your motivation to brake the record for the 100 meter dash.

Not to mention that drinking heavily also affects eyesight, and completely erases any events that hapenned while under the influence. Luckily you have your friends to remind you, or better yet fill you in and they'll keep doing so for the rest of you life, unless you moove to another country.

Resveratrol, one of the flavonoids in red wine that's believed to have special benefits for blood vessels, is also in red grape juice.

Sleep Less

Become a Woman

Develop a Mental Illness


Play Games

Spend Money