Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre is the UFC welterweight champion of the world. He is a top 3 pound for pound fighter in almost every list. Has a French accent to disguise how much he can kick your ass.

Just The Facts

  1. Highly skilled in every aspect of MMA
  2. Can pull off tight shorts like nobody else in the sport.
  3. You cannot andle his riddum.
  4. No matter how well you fight, he is not impressed by your performance

Career as a fighter


He was a highly successful Canadian up and comer, finishing all his fights by TKO, submission or overall French-canadianness (a very underrated method). He then moved up into the UFC in which he would decision Karo Parysian and make Jay Hieron look like an overmatched ragdoll.

Hunt for the Championship

He was given a shot at the title against Matt "The farmer" Hughes for the welterweight championship; he lost that title fight because of showing too much respect to a much smaller, hairier man.

He needed to defeat more credible opponents to get back into title contention, he proceeded to submit Dave Strasser, turn Jason Miller into The Joker since GSP kept punching him and Miller kept laughing, choking Frank Trigg, TKOing T-Rex armed Sean Sherk and decisioning BJ Penn decisively.

He got another shot at Matt Hughes, in which he allegedly kicked Hughes in the ball sack twice, which was followed by a kick to Hughes' brain sack and a rain of explosive Canadian fists.

He went on to lose to Matt Serra after Serra won a reality show for a shot at his title. To get back he destroyed "Blonde Fro" Josh Koscheck and beat Hughes (yet again), this time by submission.

Return To to the Title

He got back his title from Serra by winning via enormous almost unfair beatdown and has not relinquished it since, and to this day it looks like he never will.

Celebration dance

After all wins he proceeds to be unsuccessful doing a backflip yet always recovering with some sweet break dancing moves