Screamo VS Metal

Metal versus Screamo. Which is better music?

A pretty accurate synopsis.

See? Gay.


Just The Facts

  1. Metal pretty much began with Sabbath and was revolutionized by various others.
  2. Screamo is fairly new.
  3. I really, really dont like screamo.

Facts About Metal

Metal began with bands like Led Zeppelin and Black sabbath in the late 60's and early 70's [Wikipedia]. Brits brought over newer revolutions of metal like Iron Maiden, which then led to bands like Metallica and Megadeth. It should be noted that these earlier bands do not involve the screaming and harsh vocals that todays bands do.

In the 80's Metal continued to develop, and some underlying subgenres like black metal and death metal began to emerge. Notable bands for each of these respectively are Behemoth and Dethklok. (That is, im my personal opinion.) Also something called Groove Metal began to take the stage. Bands like Pantera and Slayer, who are more rythmically focused. These had typically simple melodies driven by a strong sense of rhythm found in the drums and pounding chordage.

Then came the 90's. Apparently some shit went down here when people decided to throw real metal out the door and mix in some hip-hop into the game. It escapes me completely what the two genres have to do with eachother, but anyways, this created something called Nu-Metal. Linkin Park is one terrifyingly popular example.

Facts About Screamo

Spawning from the most syphilis-infected depths of "hardcore" punk music is screamo. Breed of the emos. Satan's fingernails clawing at Hell's blackboard. These are the screams that echo forth a thousand times in my head from a screamo band's blowjob lips. I really, really dont like screamo.

Beginning as a more alternative genre then brought to light by creepy scenesters with knee-high converse boots is Screamo. It began as politically charged, agressive punk. It ended up as colorful candy-shirt girl-guys with hornrimmed glasses that scream their hearts out about their exes. Then as the equivalent of nu-metal are bands like 3oh3, with some funky punctuation and shit, I don't fuckin know. They take hiphoppedy techno beetz and place some powerchords and "brees" over it to create music that will make girls horny. What the fuck.

Notable about screamo bands are the pants and the hair. You know what i mean. Just stop. And stop taking facebook quizzes that match you up with Oli Sykes. Just.... stop.