Llamas are known for two things. Spitting, and being spelled with two l's. There is so much more to these animals than spitting and being spelled with two l's. They are also badass.


Just The Facts

  1. Llamas originate from South America.
  2. Llamas are naturally touch averse.
  3. In a fight between a llama and an alpaca, the llama would win every time.


Spitting is something that llamas do towards one another to put each other in their places. A llama generally will not spit on a person, unless that person pisses them off to extremes. While spitting may seem gross, it's a pretty good alternative to being bitten, gored, or trampled, all of which are used by many other animals.

Berserk male syndrome

Yes, you read that correctly. When conditions cause llamas to be handled improperly, or too much when they are young, they develop berserk male syndrome. Conditions such as petting zoos you ask? Yes. Exactly. Berserk male syndrome causes the llamas to treat people as they would treat llamas, hence the spitting, and all the stories of people being spat upon.

Why are they so badass?

Llamas can be used for their wool, their ability to carry weight, their skills at navigating obstacle courses, their proficiency in kicking the shit out of coyotes, or just for their owners to say "I am a goddamn llama farmer."

Just look how badass that is

So badass