Tommy, The Green Ranger

Tommy Oliver a/k/a The Green Ranger is the dude who stole the spotlight from Jason, the Red Ranger. Then he stole his job too...but that was when he was the White Ranger. Racist!

The Kobe Bryant of Power Rangers.

His lady friend.

His lover.

Just The Facts

  1. Green
  2. Popular
  3. Long Hair
  4. Fucks the Pink Ranger
  5. Rivalry with Red Ranger

The New Kid

In the beginning there was only five Rangers: Jason (Red), Zack (Black), Kimberly (Pink), Billy (Blue), and Trini (Yellow). Zack and Trini were literally the black and yellow Rangers. Their job was to defeat the monsters created by a witch who lived on the moon named Rita. No, that's not a joke. As you can imagine it was easy. So, one day she decided to create her own Ranger. One Ranger versus five. What could go wrong? And as luck would have it, a new kid shows up in town. The perfect candidate. No one will suspect a thing.

Oh, shit!

Despite all logic, the evil Green Ranger was a total badass. In just one episode he destroys their command center, breaks their gay robot, cuts off transmission with their floating head boss, and beats them up! Then they had to continue dealing with him in four more episodes. And it would have been more had the Red Ranger not turned him into a good guy. It's a decision he would later regret.

The Green Ranger Show

Remember in school when the teacher would assign group projects? Remember the one kid that did all the work? Yeah, that was the Green Ranger. That pissed off the Red Ranger since he was supposed to be the cool one who saved the day.

Daydreams of Being the Cool One

When the Green Ranger wasn't kicking ass he was a charming high school kid with long hair named Tommy. Despite his busy schedule he managed to find time to fuck the Pink Ranger, compete in martial arts championships, join the football team, star in a TV commercial, and fuck the Pink Ranger some more. Is there anything this guy couldn't/didn't do? Oh, yeah, there was. Keep his powers!

After a couple of defeats, the forgetful Rita remembered that she was the one to create him. Naturally, she could take his powers away. The Red Ranger rejoiced, of course. Too bad their celebration was cut short. If the floating head could create five Rangers he could create a sixth one as well. And adding insult to injury, he demoted the Red Ranger and gave the job to Tommy who was now the White Ranger. Once again proving that this show was incredibly racist. A week later, the Red Ranger resigned. The black dude and yellow chick did as well. So, there's a good lesson for kids. The "man" can and will anal fuck you, but you can be the bigger man and walk away. As for Tommy, ten years later he was still a Power Ranger. His parents must be proud.