Crispin Glover

Born Crispin Hellion Glover in 1964, became a famous actor, writer, and composer. He is also known for poking things with a stick.

slightly deranged

fuckin crazy

refined eccentrictiy

Just The Facts

  1. Is a collector of antique medical equipment and diseased eye replicas.
  2. He has acted in over forty films, in which he creates memorable and interesting characters.
  3. He has written almost twenty books, and runs his own production house - Volcanic Eruptions
  4. Directed two movies - "What Is It?", starring only people with down syndrome, and It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine! about a man with cerebral palsy. Ballsy.

The Wacky & Wonderful World of Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover is known for being a little different then the mostollywooders. Being sure to pick some interesting roles ensured him as a cult fave for a few generations of moviegoers. Most remembered for his role as Micheal J. Fox' dad George McFly, from Back to the Future (but not Back to the Future 2). For a true dose of Crispin you need to look towards the films like Rivers Edge and his character Layne. Working alongside Dennis Hopper would help anyone let inner crazy out...

For the newer generation we have Willard, or as his mother preferred "CLARK!!". As a remake, it surpassed the original in many ways, mainly due to the phenomenal acting of its leading man, who can somehow create a fearsome and meek role.


The pairing up of Crispin with R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) is cinematic gold. For the movie he also redid the Micheal Jackson song Ben, with a video to accompany it.

Volcanic Eruptions

This is the production company that Crispin has developed to create the things he wants to see. He wrote & directed What Is It? casting actors with down syndrome. The next was the sequal Its Fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE!

It Is Mine, the soon to be the third installment. His ideas are too vast to be described here in the funny pages check it out for yourself.