Katy Perry

Katy Perry is proof that large breasts can get you a successful music career. Her parents are pastors and her career began in 2001, at 16, as a gospel singer. In 2008 her parents disowned her when she became famous for a song about kissing a girl.

You may wanna clean your keyboard when you're done!

Just The Facts

  1. Her boobs are big!
  2. She goes both ways.
  3. Christian girl gone bad.

She kissed a girl and woke up in Vegas!

Many people hate Katy Perry. Why? What is there to hate? Isn't she every man's fantasy? She was raised Christian by pastor parents. She began her career as a gospel singer. Now, she's half naked all the time and singing songs about kissing girls. Isn't that the plot to most porn movies? Plus, she looks like Zoey Deschanel's twin sister. Guys love Zoey Deschanel. She's Zoey Deschanel with big tits. Isn't that an improvement? Only conclusion as to the hate is that she's a popular pop artist. People love to hate popular pop artists. Just ask Prince.