Les Claypool

Les Claypool is a bassist, moviemaker and fisherman. He is extremely skilled at all of those, and does it in an extremely original way.

Thats a real fucking pigs face he's wearing

Just The Facts

  1. Les once auditioned to play bass for metallica but was rejected for being too good.
  2. He can play his bass faster than you can hear it.
  3. He preformed the south park theme song with Primus, he also did the theme to Robot Chicken. (Season 1-3)
  4. Since playing with primus, he has released a hunch-a-bunch of solo albums.

Historic claypool

Les Claypool, with his awesome name, was born in california. He was the bassist from primus, which might have been one of his best gigs (They played woodstock '94) but he also writes books, does soundtracks for movies, and loves to fish. Claypool, paired with many different people throughout his career, has released 14 movies and VHS tapes.* Claypool's unique style of bass playing came from listning to such bass giants as Stanly Clarke when he was a kid. He uses heavy slap style, some of geddy lee's technique, in an amazing blend.

Pictured: Les Claypool making those air molecules his bitches.

*For those of you youngeters out there, a VHS tape is like a square DVD.

Claypool in Action