Hard Gay

Hard gay is a persona of comedian and wrestler, Masaki Sumitani. Much like in the fashion of Borat, Hard Gay is a foreigner in performing skits in japan, therefore, can get away with most outrageous behaviour or comments.

Nickelback's Inspiration

Razor Ramon before the life style change.

Hard Gay's Inspiration

Just The Facts

  1. Full Name is Razor Ramon Hard Gay, his real name is Masaki Sumitani
  2. Started wrestling in college as a hobby and latter became a professional wrestler or wrasslin as its called in America.
  3. Ricky Martin's 'Livin la vida loca' is Hard Gay's theme song. (Even japanese people know he is gay.)
  4. Hard Gay's sunglasses are the same as those Elvis Presley is famous for wearing.

Who He Is: (ie, is this guy insane?)

Masaki Sumitani was born December 18, 1975 in Harima Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Higashi High School, he entered Doshisha University and majored in Commerce.

Putting his degree in commerce to good use.

Introduced in 2002, as whom he finally rose to national prominence in 2005. HG is known for his skits that involve running around in various cities helping people out all the while trying to be as flamingly gay as possible, incorporating hip thrusts and shouting out various catchphrases.

The fact that Hard Gay does not portray any Japanese gay subculture also explain why the sketch was allowed to be aired in Japanese TV, which has its own code of political correctness.

Its ok, as long as he portraying a foreigner.

Sumitani's supposed homosexuality was exposed as a gimmick when he was caught in the midst of a date, with Japanese actress and swimsuit model Anna Suzuki whom he has since married and had a baby.

Mrs. Gay


Hoo! or Foo!

Sei! Sei! Sei! / Say! Say! Say!

This 'sei' most likely comes from the Japanese word "urusai" which is commonly translated as "shut up" or "shut the fuck up" depending on the force behind the word. Colloquially "urusai" can be said "urusei", and after that people have been shortening the word to "ussei" and "ssei", which is most likely where HG got "sei" from.

Come and Get Some!

Whenever Hard Gay wants to tell someone to come after him, he turns around, bends over some, slaps his ass, and shouts out, "Come and get some!"

and Okay!

Special Abilities

Hip Radar- Stars gyrating when he is close to his desired location. Works Much like a dowsing rod....only gayer.

Translation: Target acquired FOOOO!

Hip Communicator-

Penis Telepathy-