Classic Rum Drinks

Do you want to get laid? the classics will get her in the mood to fuck you.

Maybe this? Probably not. Unless she's the exotic type.

Exactly. This is romantic. On your terms.

Just The Facts

  1. You want your girlfriend even though she wants to get married. You don't want that, you want her. So what do you do? get fucked up. thats what you do.

1. Cocktails

Cocktails are fun and romantic at a bar scene but when your at home, it's a little bit gay. Your wife/gf/Fuck buddy likes a man manly enough to take on the cocktails. I mean, if you down enough of those babies, Im sure you'll have sex, and the best part is that you won't have to remember the embarassment and throwing up part. But the downside is that it takes alot of these to get fucked up.

SEX-O-METER rating

Id say about a 3/10. Its a good chance but not a great chance.

2. Jello Shots

These fruity little bastards make it hard to actually call it alchohol. Its little and tastes like descusting jello, but girls are raving over these drinks! They get all excited. The best part is that if you buy one for a girl, she will have eye sex with you and later on, real sex if you get her drunk enough. These drinks DO fuck you up fast but give her most of the drinks, So at least youll enjoy the night.

SEX-O-METER rating

Id say about a 6/10. These are fast to get fucked up, but if you get too fucked up, she wont be attracted anymore.

3. Vladimirs

A vladimir impresses your girl that you know a alchoholic beverage recipe Inclusive to vampires. [this is for all the dudes whos girlfriends love Twilight/ Trueblood] What is more romantic than a sparkling vampire? Well probably anything, but who cares? Girls like romance and girls that are feeble and vampires taking care of you and all that junk. It looks like a religious rite. Id have to say to your girlfriend who wants to be a vampire wants to include all of her daily activities to being a fake vampire,and that even means drinking. But, but, but, You will get laid instantly. You will be a sex god if you know this drink.

SEX-O-METER rating

A 99.9999999% rating that this will work. You will get laid. I promise.