The Dude

He abides.

Least likely candidate to pull a heist.

Just The Facts

  1. The Dude is quite possibly the laziest man in Los Angeles County.
  2. He's perfectly content with a "J" and a White Russian.
  3. He hates the fuckin' Eagles, man.


Life is pretty simple for a man with no ambition, a trait that the Dude personifies. If not for a case of mistaken identity in the early 90s, The Dude would have been content to ride around in his jalopy smoking joints and listening to his copy of Creedence Clearwater Revival's greatest hits on cassette. He would have been perfectly happy bowling with his partners Walter and Donny...

Such was not the case...

Because of his formal name, he was mistaken for millionaire and philanthropist Jeffrey Lebowski. This confusion led to his rug being soiled, subsequently involving him in a convoluted caper of pornophraphers and nihilists, an artsy nympho and a severed toe, among other things. After losing a significant amount of Mr. Lebowski's money, the Dude's tranquil life escalated into a bizarre collection of episodes not unlike a noir crime-fiction novel. He got hit on the head, poisoned, tortured by rodents and endured all manner of trippy dreams. All the while never changing from his pajamas. He also met a friendly stranger who might very well be God Himself:


By the end of this fiasco, precious little is resolved other than the revelation that Mr. Lebowski is a fraud who had his own wife "kidnapped" so that he may recover dignity in the form of money. In the end, the Dude loses a friend (Donny, the one not suffering from Post-War Syndrome) and never recieves reparations for his damaged property. In the end, he just wants to go back to bowling and being lazy as hell.


As far as anyone knows, the Dude hasn't done anything since but bowl, drink, and smoke reefer. As of today, the Dude still abides.

Who can abide friends like this?