Lil' Wayne

Lil’ Wayne is a rapper, considered by many critics to be one of the greatest lyricists of our time. Nobody knew exactly how Wayne came out with so many hits, but all that has changed as we, here at Cracked, now have the guide that explains...

Just The Facts

  1. Lil' Wayne has a distinctively scratchy voice that can only come from years of permanent lung damage.
  2. He has 4 Grammy Awards. That's twice as many as Barack Obama.
  3. When he was 12, he played the part of the Tin Man in his middle school drama club's production of The Wiz. He claims that he accidentally shot himself with a .44 caliber gun at that age. He dropped out of school at age 14. -- That's not a joke, it's a quote from his Wikipedia page.
  4. He is a graduate of the University of Phoenix Online where his buddy Kanye West gave him shout-out in a Commencement Speech-- again not a joke, just part of bein' Weezy bay-be.

Rise to Fame

It was an auspicious start for Lil' Wayne. When he truly was Lil' (the tender age of 11) , he met Bryan Williams, aka Rapper Birdman, the owner of Cash Money Records. After that, literally-young Weezey started to leave raps as messages on Birdman's phone. This sounds adorable until you realize Williams probably had much better things to do than listen to the poorly-recorded babblings of a fifth-grader. He finally entered the game at age 15, as part of a rap group.

"The Best Rapper Alive"

After initial moderate success, he attempted to land a solo career-which was temporarily derailed when he was shot in the chest. Just another day in the life of a rap superstar. He came back with new fire and gained popularity in the rap community by appearing in more rap songs than autotune . After that, he exploded into the Mainstream with the 2008 release of Tha Carter III and has refused to let go of the nation's collective ear drums since.