Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is an American actress, model and television personality. "Munn" rhymes with the following words..."run", "gun", "ton", "bun", "shun", "git-er-done" from Larry the Cable Guy and of course "fun" because it's fun to watch Olivia at work.

Photo courtesy of Olan Mills

Just The Facts

  1. Kevin Pereira and Olivia host the G4 television program "attack of the show" which teaches people about what games, gadgets and knick knacks they should pick up next time they happen to have an extra three hundred dollars lying around.
  2. In Olivia's early days she was credited as "Lisa Munn" but she grew tired of people saying her first name twice and asking where the "cult jam" was so she changed it.
  3. Olivia seems to like eating pie.

Early life

Olivia began as a zygote who, over a 9 month gestation period, matured into a baby. Once Olivia was given birth to (by her mother), she began to grow larger. Olivia learned how to talk and walk in the following years. As time passed Olivia grew larger and larger. Every year Olivia has a birthday and becomes a year older.

Then she started hosting "attack of the show"

The "attack of the show" television program

Kevin and Olivia posing for a promotional photograph for the "attack of the show" tv program.
The power duo of Kevin and Olivia

Attack of the show is a technology based program which airs on the G4 television network. The show features segments on the hottest new video game consoles, games and gadgets as well as inappropriate humor "skits" which are offensive. Kevin provides the masculine strength to the show while Olivia provides the feminine touch.

And the winner is...

Olivia with the winner of the "Dew-riffic video game challenge" contest
Olivia feeling uncomfortable

In 2007, G4 and Mountain Dew put together the "Dew-riffic video game challenge" contest. The object of the contest was to get the most points on the video game! The winner was a young man by the name of Blorgo Morphglorf who never acknowledged Olivia during her 10 minute stay, partly because he was playing Halo and partly because all of the testosterone in his body had been systematically replaced with high fructose corn syrup. Olivia came down with an infection shortly after sitting on his couch.

Endorsement deals

One of the great things about becoming famous is that companies will pay you grand amounts of money to help promote their products. The "Dew-riffic video game challenge" contest was such a success because of Olivia that companies were crawling over each other offering her opportunities.

The first major endorsement deal Olivia took advantage of was with Sears. Sears has been looking for a female face to help promote their selection of quality Craftsman tools for years and they saw that something special in Olivia. They even renamed the product line to celebrate the union between beauty and quality.

This rachet set is number 1 in my book!

The impact Olivia had on the brand was immediate. Thirteen year old boys were buying power drills and saws, Fifty five year old men suddenly became interested in spending more time in the garage, working.

Sears wasn't the only company interested in using Olivia to help promote their products. Unfortunately, Olivia had signed an exclusive contract with Sears, anyone else wanting to collaborate with her needed to make some compromises. Sears and Kraft foods put together a contract that everyone found fair.

"Who cut the cheese?" Ha ha fart joke.

Sales plummeted. It wasn't Olivia's fault for she looked as stunning as ever, it seems that the consumers didn't know what the hell it was they were supposed to buy. People walked into hardware stores asking to purchase colorful costumes and huge fake cheese blocks, people in supermarkets were asking where the circular saws were located and if they were on sale. The companies pulled the ad campaign after only a week and Olivia was free to move and do other things.

Fan mail

pleese rite back thanku

The future looks bright

Currently Olivia is preparing for a top secret role in Iron Man 2 as well as appearing on television playing roles in television shows. If you would like to know more about Olivia, check out the links below! I can't believe I spent four hours writing this!