Gannon, or Ganondorf is one of the most treacherous villians in videogame history, as well as the most aggravating. He appears in almost every Legend of Zelda game ever made. It should also be noted that his orginal form was a blue pig...

...or a bad LSD trip...

Just The Facts

  1. Gannon (in most games) has or has aquired the Triforce of Power which gives him godlike powers.
  2. Gannon cannot be killed by any normal means or really killed at all apparently.
  3. Also Gannon was the only man to be born in Gerudo in a 100 years, consequently he runs off to kidnap a white woman..

Gannon: Here and Then

Gannon has gone through quite a few changes, as well as total revisionlizations and backstories. In the beginning things were simple. Gannon was an evil pig demon and he needed to destory and conquer to make up for being a ugly pig demon. Through the years Gannon has changed his hair, his looks and even his name, but his goal still remains: to totally annoy Link by making him collect things to defeat him, oh and take over Hyrule. Also in many of the Legend of Zelda games (LOZ, its an acronym deal with it), Gannon usually takes Princess Zelda hostage. Granted he usually has a reason, (perhaps as an ornament) but just like the Bowser/Peach situation some have wondered what exactly do they do while waiting for Link/Mario to come crashing in to save the princess?

Gannon, apparently forcing Princess Zelda to listen to his demo

Gannon's most recent apperance has been in Twilight Princess, at the near end as a jest to all those who immeadilty screamed, "I knew it!". This version gives Ganondorf his best backstory yet, in which Gannon, (reffered to as Ganondorf) is captured by weird white ghosts with beards who attempt to execute him. Attempt... Ganondorf posessing the Triforce of Power breaks out of chains, kills one of the ghosts, rips out the sword that is plunged through his chest and smiles. At which point the ghosts decide to trap him in the twilight realm, where he becomes a deity... and as that wasn't awesome enough for Gannon, at the very last battle when Link, and Mida (think Navi but worse), find him sitting on the throne waiting to utterly destory them. Then he ruins it all by opening his mouth. Gannon begins to insinuate how Mida's people have suffered and how he much like an emo teeanger has surivived on their hate. Then to add insult to injury he takes the captive Princess Zelda (gee who didn't see that coming) and posseses her, making us all very uncomfortable as a female body makes male grunts. Then after that he decides that the best way to redeem himself is to turn into a giant pig to which Link puts to shame. Then after a horseback and dueling episode Link finally lunges to make his famous kill strike with a face that has Sociopath written all over it. After which Gannon stands and gives his own I'll be back speech before he dies...standing. Apparently he realized it was the only way he could engrave to us all that he was fucking metal...

Gannon finds your lack of faith disturbing...

Some people say this is the end of Gannon, some people deserved to be Gannon punched. While it is true that for the time being Nintendo has decided to mill around in "Villians Beside Gannon" Jar, it will only be a matter of time before everyone misses the dark cackle and egomanical gall of poor old Ganny-poo. In the mean time we can all enjoy kicking ass with him In Super Smash Bros. Brawl. and Gannon punching...lots and lots of Gannon punching.

The Death Scene