If you talk about the Old American west, you usually remember one of these guys and it's about time a someone show their badassery in Cracked.

Bad Ass old Man

Just bad ass

Just The Facts

  1. They are the bad ass of the Old American West...
  2. No matter how many cowboy hats you wear, you will never be as awesome as them.
  3. Because you're a doucebag.
  4. They also carry guns
  5. They can sling 'em.


The old face of awesome

Gunslingers (A.K.A. gunfighters) - they are dudes who are dangerous with a gun. They could be either an outlaw, law man or just a bunch of trigger happy fools. There are two kinds of gunslingers, a historical gunslinger and a fictional gunslinger and both of them are badass.

Historical Gunsligners

These are the dudes who really kill people and most of the time people make shit out, which proves that they have Twitter back thenso they can write conspiracy theories.

But what the fuck, here they are:

Billy the Kid -

Wha' ya' lookin' at?

This dude is the face of awesome in his day. He killed a bunch of suckers, fluent is Spanish, a total ladies man, and a beloved folk hero. He is even left handed and his legend is still strong even upto this day. In short, he's the kind of person you'll never gonna be.

Wyatt Earp -

Look into my eyes!!!

Him and his sidekicks. Bad ass

Besides being a bad ass he also became a farmer, teamster, gambler, saloon-keeper, miner and a boxing referee.

Wild Bill Hickok -

A bad Ass dude with killer beard and a bow tie

This guy became a stage coach driver, a lawman, faught the civil war on the union army, and was famous as a marksman, a scout and a gambler. He also owns two of these

A gun made for killin'

Doc Holliday -

Beardless bad ass

Bad Ass with a beard

He hangs out with another bad ass, killed people, was gambler and a dentist which is needless to say, he must have use a gun to blow people's teeth off.

Fictional Gunslingers.

Because people can't stop making shit up they invented these guys because, no one in real life can replicate the bad assery of the Historical Gunslingers anymore.

The Man With No Name

The bad ass of them all

He is portrayed by a real bad ass, Clint Eastwood and that is the only reson you thing you need to know.

Jonah Hex

Ya see that drippin' blud??? That was yours!!!

I see you BITCH!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!

An Confederate soldier, a bad ass tomahawk wielder and he will probably go out with Megan Fox so he's awesome.

The Lone Ranger

The Face of Bad Ass that never gets old...

An iconic Cowboy. What's more to say???

Roland Deschain

This is a dude is traveling an alternate world/s, in search for a dark tower while ass killing hordes of a satan like figure. Not a bad back story taking into account that this guy is created by no other than Stephen FUCKING King.