Code Geass

Code GAYass is an anime about boobs and robots. No character in the whole damn series can go a full episode without getting caught taking a shower, being naked, hitting on someone of the same sex, or just masturbating on a table.

Typical Code Geass scene, sometimes with two girls and (occasionally) with two boys.

Madonna's got nothing on me!

If I had a nickel for every damn Pizza Hut reference...

Just The Facts

  1. Code Geass ran for two seasons. Despite being part of the same series, they have different titles.
  2. Code Geass is designed to appeal to the widest possible audience and sell Pizza Hut to them.
  3. Code Geass is basically the result of the main character having watched 'V For Vendetta' one too many times.


Code Geass is set in an alternate time on the same planet, except in this timeline, an evil empire by the name of Britannia is hellbent on having a kingdom the size of their girly-looking ruler's ego. Plus, like iPods, everyone here has giant robots.

Every place is generally from one of two categories: the demolished ghettos and the high-class districts wrought with whorehouses disguised as 'schools'. I mean, seriously, what other institution can you possibly think of that would make micro-mini skirts a requirement for all girls and have their guys dress eccentricly?


Lelouche Lamperouge

This 'guy' is the head honcho of the show. He is an exiled Prince and likes to vogue at gay night clubs on his free time, hence the elborate hand gestures and his flamboyantly dressed alter ego. He can mind-control people with some feaky powers he got in a ghetto.

Suzaku Kururugi

Lelouche's best friend. He believes in doing things by the law, therefore making him a pussy.


A green-haired little girl who follows Lelouche around on occasion to make sure he doesn't buy the farm.

Nunnally Lamperouge

Lelouche's little sister, for whom Lelouche is committing all those atrocities for, in order to make a more peaceful world in which she can read Give A Mouse A Cookie without being badgered by pesky Britannian soldiers. Sooooo...if you think about it, all deaths resulting from Lelouche's antics are really her fault. Thanks a lot, you little bitch.


Lelouche's alter ego. Everything Zero does is based off his favorite movie, V For Vendetta. He gets all his strategies from the movie, which include: hijacking a tv network and using it to broadcast a message of hate, prancing around in a mask and cape, comitting acts of terrorism (blowing things up), and the piece de resistance-having a huge crowd of supporters dress in his exact costume and staring down the Britannian empire's army.

The Plot

Britannia, as mentioned in the setting section, has a ginormous ego. The natural thing to do is take over the world, as decided by the oh-so-wise crowned king of Britannia. Each conquered country is given a number that corresponds to the order in which Britannia has made them their bitch. Japan, number 11 on the list, is where our story takes place.

Lelouche Lamperouge's mummy is killed by his pissed off father, who happens to be the crowned king of Britannia. Since this does not sit well with our Lulu (that is his actual nickname, I kid you not), he ups and leaves to 11 with his blind little sister who speaks in a voice so shrill, nails on a blackboard would be soothing by comparison.

ANYWAYS, Lulu vows to kill his dad and make the world a safer place for his beloved little sis. Since he can't do this as Lelouche, he comes up with an alter ego named Zero. Zero just blows a bunch of stuff up, giant robots go at it, and several ridiculous sex references are made/shown/acted out, and that pretty much sums up Code Geass.