A gift from Zeus? No. They are in fact pure evil and manufactured by an evil man with sinister intentions, involving tubes, brain sucking through said tubes. Loss of memory to be expected. They have touch screens and brick, they are a tool in world d

This is what Steve Jobs wants you to see....


And this is just for my own giggles

Just The Facts

  1. iPods (in general) cost to damn much.
  2. IPods are flashy and die very fast if you use any of the given features.
  3. iPod's are cages for your soul.
  4. iPod's eat immigrants.
  5. iPod's attend AA.
  6. iPod's starred in Happy Days.

iPod = iEatchildren

Random Blog's supporting the distaste and pain behind iPod's.

"Yep. The record company takes most of the money. It amounts to about $1 per $10 CD getting paid to the artist. So if you are in a large band such as Slipknot (9 members) you get a whopping $.11 per CD sale. I'm not sure of the exact numbers for tee shirts, but I have talked to members of bands (even a "popular" band, All That Remains' Mike Martin and Phil Labonte), and across the board they all say that they make more money touring and from sales of tee shirts than from record sales.

That's why I never buy CDs new, money is going right to the record comany and the RIAA (who are pure evil by the way). I'd rather support the local CD guy selling the CDs and the dude who originally bought the CD."

"I just got an iPod a few weeks ago. I was incredibly excited... I've never owned an MP3 player or iPod before and was really looking forward to it.

Now, I have to say I am profoundly disappointed. What a piece of cr*p! I've experienced several extremely annoying problems:

Is there something wrong with my iPod, or does every iPod battery lose its charge after only 3 days even when you don't use it at all? I simply cannot understand this latter item. I will charge my iPod one day, listen to one song or two, and then three days later (after not using it at all and leaving the power off the whole time) the battery is completely dead. Is this normal???

My iPod software also crashes occasionally (like a bad version of Windows) and I have to reset it to get it to work again.

And am I the only one who hates the control wheel and finds it hard to use?

And there doesn't seem to be a "stop" feature for songs. You can only pause. (Or maybe there is a stop feature and I'm just an idiot...)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the manual SUCKS! Explanations are pathetically incomplete. (But I'm referring to the Japanese version. Maybe the English manual is more complete.)"

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