California's Great Garage Sale

Sadly, it is exactly what it sounds like.

This would look great in my den of phobia exploitations!

Just The Facts

  1. California has the world's tenth largest economy.
  2. California's economy is in such a shitty state right now that they are selling unused junk for cash. Most likely weed money.
  3. This one of the few situations Arnold has ever faced that he cannot say a one-liner against and come out victorious.

California's Economy

Wrap your mind around this: California, the state, has the world's tenth largest economy. If it were its own nation, California would have an economy larger than Italy. California, right now, also has one of the shittiest economies on Earth, and unlike the Italians, they can't pay their debts with wheels of cheese. Seriously:

No really.

The Great Garage Sale

So in the space of massive budget falls, wildfires, San Francisco, the LA Dodgers sucking in the home stretch, and an earthquake due any minute, they've(Arnold) decided to do what any rational government or government leader would do: hold a garage sale of unused government shit.

They sold everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Xbox's, Blackberry cell phones, jeans, antique pianos from State Parks, dentist's chairs, scale and fortune teller machines, BMW motorcycles, a surfboard, and the dignity of 30 million people. Somewhere, Billy Mays' spirit nods his head in approval.

We miss you, you glorious bastard.

All told, the garage sale totaled about $1.5 million dollars. Mind you the budget deficit is about $26 billion, so it managed to alleviate about 0.000005% of the budget deficit. Great job.