Susan Boyle

The dictionary states Susan Boyle[noun] as: a Scottish lady who can sing and looks like she has been hit in the face with a bag of angry cats. Which is, apparently, a Scottish tradition. I think. That or skirts, I forget.

Meow. Queue up, fellas. And bring your sack-cats.

You can put lipstick on a Susan, but it is still a Susan

The eyebrows have names. The left is Simon, the right is Pimp-Master Swing

Just The Facts

  1. She is a pretty good singer, so kudos, Susan. Kudos.
  2. Seemed better because everyone had such low expectations of her.
  3. Simon totally has a boner for her.

Don't Judge a Voice By It's Cover

Alright she can sing, but she seems a little over rated. Although I could just be jealous of those magnificent eyebrows. Looking at me as if they were staring deep into my soul. Magnificient.

She was mocked from the moment she walked onto that stage, and was doubted as soon as she started talking by an entire studio full of people. They laughed when she said she wanted to be as great as Elaine Page (whoever that is). Then she started singing, and people weeped for miles around. Enemies became friends. Friends became more than friends. Those 'more than friends' couldn't make eye contact with each other for months after. It was, no doubt, a joyful occasion.

A classic tale of courage in the face of adversity from the underdog.

Wait, What?

So now the very people who initially judged her rather badly have nothing but very very nice things to say about her. People seem to be propelling her into the limelight out of, what, guilt? It's like a bully that kicks you in the shins and then is nice to you so you won't tell the teacher.

If there's one thing I know (and I know many things), quick fames passes quickly. And/or you go a bit mental. Which ever happens first.