Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart- From his "The Daily Show" anchor desk, Jon Stewart earns his title of "America's Most Beloved Jew" through a dose of satire that is universally loved by most Whole Foods loving, Suburu driving, trail mix munching, Blue State elitists.

Just The Facts

  1. Stewart was voted "America's Most Trusted Newscaster" on a poll this year, which just highlights how stupid Americans are, because he is not a journalist.
  2. Among Stewart's many awards are several Emmys, Grammies, Peabodys, and one Heisman Trophy.
  3. Jon Stewart has a fucking asteroid named after him.

Jon Stewart- The Thespian

Leslie Mann, Hollywood's Most Overated and Annoying Actress

In addition to his career as a tv satirist, Stewart has also had parts in several movies, including 1999's Big Daddy, where he worked with Leslie Mann (pictured above), Hollywood's Most Overated and Annoying Actresss Currently Working Because of Her Director/Husband Judd Apatow.

Jon Stewart in 2002's "Death to Smoochy".

In 2002's Death to Smoochy, Stewart was recognized by the prestigious Azerbijan Great Comedy Making Festival Award for his role of tv exec Marion Frank Stokes.

Jon Stewart- The Writer

In 2004, Stewart released America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, one of the year's best sellers, eventually becoming the standard 8th grade Social Studies textbook in 22 states.America (The Book): A Citizens' Guide To Democracy Inaction