The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall. The topic of too many horrible punk songs, The wall that separated East Germany from West Germany during the Cold War era, and Easily one of the most dick moves in history.

There has been more punk songs written about The Berlin Wall than anything... Ever

Picture of: West Germany

Picture of: East Germany

Just The Facts

  1. West Germany was controlled by Democracies (U.S.A, England, and France) while East Germany was controlled by Communist Russia (USSR).
  2. West Germany was a thousand times more awesome than East Germany.
  3. You can probably name ten songs of the top of your head about the Berlin Wall.
  4. The Berlin Wall was made by the USSR in an attempt to seperate communist East Germany from the bad influence of democratic West Germany.
  5. The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1989 by a bunch of germans most likely eating hot dogs and chanting U.S.A!!! While waving American flags and crying tears of joy.

The Berlin Wall: A dick move in history, or the dickest move in history?

The Berlin Wall was a wall (Duh.) erected by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) completely encircling West Berlin separating it from East Germany, including East Berlin The longer inner german border demarcated the border between East and West Germany. Both borders came to symbolize the Iron Curtain between Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc.

In other words, the USSR made a wall to stop the wests win from leaking into the easts fail.

The Berlin Wall seperated families (anyone who tried to go over, through, or under the Berlin Wall was shot) and caused poverty. The western nations easily helped the West German citizens while the USSR really couldnt give a fuck and forced East Germany into the shitter. The conditions in East Germany were so terrible that the western nations decided to fly over the Berlin Wall and deliver supplies to East Germany, this was called the Berlin Airlift and it helped established that the west was willing to go to drastic measures to bring win to the easts fail.

The kicker is this: the wall was made mostly to prove a point that the USSR was "Strong." Kind of like those tough guys that talk trash, but is actually a big pussy.

So in an effort to make the USSR look strong, they royally fucked the inhabitants of East Germany and caused rediculous amounts of shitty songs to be written. Which brings us to the question was, the Berlin Wall: A dick move in history, or the dickest move in history?

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