In-n-Out is a restaurant chain that you can only find in California and a few surrounding states. It is well known for their food and fear of the Midwest.

No, they won't make this for you. This burger was ordered by the nicest man on earth. And every bite of this burger was like pure heroin being shot into his brain, you poor bastards outside the southwest.

In-n-Out has Bible verses on their food becuase Jesus ate there. It's in the Bible. You could prove me wrong, but how many of you want to enough to actually read the whole Bible?

Pictured: Menu. Not Pictured: Secret Menu. Also not pictured: the 1,000 cars you waited behind during lunch to get here.

Just The Facts

  1. In-N-Out is the greatest fast food chain known to man.
  2. They have three basic menu items: burgers, fries and drinks.
  3. They also have a secret menu, which is a secret in that it's on their website, for anyone to find, that you can look at all you want, and you can go into the restaurant and they'll tell you about it.

Why not everywhere?

In-n-Out was founded in 1948 to further Harry Snyder's goals of taking money from the Jews he thinks run Hollywood. Every since then, he's been taking money from everybody who's ever been within fifty miles of an In-n-Out. Seriously, he hires pick pockets.
The In-n-Out menu is made up of burgers, fries, burgers and fries with random condiments on them (Animal Style) and shakes. Delicious, delicious shakes.

Throughout the years, there has been much speculation as to why In-n-Out has never expanded past Nevada. The official reason is they don't trust the farmers, out there, but the real reason is their secret sauce can't be made outside the desert. It's made of rattle snake fetuses, leaving them little choice but to hide, like Jabba the Hutt, from the FDA. Since then, In-n-Out has become a staple of California culture and, we assume, the source of this page that will anger everybody who cares about In-n-out for the perceived poor quality and slander about rattle snake fetuses.