Salacious Crumb

Salacious B. Crumb

Salacious B. Crumb

Just The Facts

  1. The "B" stands "Bread."
  2. When Salacious Crumb knocked up the green dancing chick in Jabba's Palace, their baby was Flubber.
  3. Salacious Crumbs is a well known player, seen cohorting around on the tail's of such well known beings as Lindsay Lohan. Roseanne, The Monster from Cloverfield and Ann Coulter.

Cracked on Sal B.

Originally just a member of the Jabba possie, like a young little wayne in Cash Money Millionaires. Salacaious B. Crumb was poised to blow up after the untimely assisnation of Jabba Da Hut. Small in stature, but well endowed (ladies) Sal B became notorious for his trademark laugh and took it straight to the bank (In a completely unrelated way), founding AT&T parent company SBC Communications and his own religion, SBC, also known as the Southern Baptist Convention.

After pimping his way through a number of hollywood woman, including but not limited to, Princess Leia, Ava Gardner (Much to Frank's chagrin), Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone (Circe Basic Instinct) and Kathy Bates (Circa looking like the snapple lady). Salacious settled down to a Millenium Falcon shaped home in the Hollywood Hills.

Currently working on his memoir, Salacious enjoys baseball, shuffleboard and cocaine.