Intelligence is the thing you pretend to have when you yell at the TV. We all do it, although we pretend not to. Intelligence is the illusion that you "wouldn't do anything THAT stupid."

An example where one would yell at said TV.

Just The Facts

  1. Intelligence is fictitious.
  2. Intelligence decreases significantly when you are on TV.
  3. Fox News believes it is intelligent. So does your drunk friend down the hall.

Intelligence and TV

Of all the people affected by stupidity as a result of being filmed on camera, Americans count for 52.79% of the global population [citation needed]. As seen here, Americans have great tendencies to

go on in great lengths regarding subjects they know nothing about. Of course, this is forgivable, as stupidity is correlated to being on TV.

Fox News

Fox News is not intelligent. They like to think they are, but they quantify this by hiring Sarah Palin.