The Best Date Foods

Have you ever found yourself panicking while reading a menu because you have no clue what to eat on a date? I just saved your ass.

Real men eat garlic

Just The Facts

  1. Garlic was put on this Earth for a reason ... eat up!
  2. The more food stuck in your teeth, the better.
  3. When in doubt, get what the other person is having
  4. Did you know? Other countries serve animal penis as an aphrodisiac

What to eat on a date

Whether it's Indian or Italian you're always faced with a quandary at a restaurant with your lucky lady/lad. What do I eat? If the date has been going well I suggest food that will NOT make you stink. Stay away from garlic and onions and all that stuff. Now, if you want to get absolutely no action, here's what you need. Garlic, I don't care how you get it, you can wear a necklace to repel vampires if it's that bad. Also, eat cheese, you're bound to suffocate your date with various "scents"

If this is a legitimate date and you don't want to make the other person suffer, I would pick my foods the day before as well. If you plan on getting lucky, you may want to cut meat out of your diet for at least a day. Things taste and smell better. Also, you might want to add fruit such as pineapples into your diet.