Antarctica is a large landmass located on the world's bottom. It is covered in ice. And more ice. When you are phrasing a wish to a malovent genie, be careful how you use the phrase "southern island". oh and it's pretty cold really.

now THIS is cold.

Penguins are strange.

many want this in antartica(seriously)

Just The Facts

  1. It is cold.
  2. It is mostly occupied by researchers, aliens and penguins.
  3. it's really freakin dry (no really).
  4. I don't want to be there.
  5. for some reason other people just want to go there.

It's not very interesting.

It is 98% ice. And a desert. A big ice desert. strangly its the sixth continent with just 4000 inhabitants of wich about 103% temporarily

you should also take into your well considered consideration that 12 people have died during expeditions.

it is less interesting than the north pole because the north pole does have polar bear which are pretty neat it is further away from us and it isn't a giant floating iceberg plus it has no eskimo's to take pictures with

Penguins are cute.

Whales, seals and giant squids hang around here as well, but they aren't as cute as penguins so who cares?

Awwwww, who's a cute widdle penguin?

by the way penguins are funny but they seem to like being eaten by whales.


A couple thousand researchers occupy the landmass at any given time, researching things like global warming and artic birds and whales and...icebergs. Seriously, what do they do down there? Besides put on strip shows for Dr. House? well they drig holes in the ice to measure the co2 ratings

look ma ! no life!!

well apparently they are searching for oil down there WTF who would want to drill up oil there?


lately a lot of countries have laid claims on big parts of antartica because oil has been found there (shit has hit the fans)

russia australia and sweden have all claimed antartica but dude what are you going to do with oil in antartica!! there is no native population no war too use it as fuel for?

The South Pole

Antarctica also contains the South Pole, which unlike the North Pole does not contain any jolly old men who give people presents or magical toy factories or flying reindeer. (Antarctica kinda sucks, frankly.) but you problally already knew that

it is the bigest glacier in the world bu nobody really cares about that anyway.

also acording too alienVSpredator there is a giant alien under the ice which is a pretty sweet idea.

this but BIGGER