The Tick

The Tick was a superhero cartoon which rose from its newsletter mascot origin to become a cult classic show. Remember, kids: Selling out works sometimes!

Kids learning capitalism from the master.

Just The Facts

  1. The Tick is a humongous, muscle-bound superhero with the I.Q. of that moldy pack of hot dogs in the back of your fridge.
  2. He possesses the famous battle cry of, "SPOON!", while his moth sidekick, Arthur, yells out, "Not in the face!'
  3. The Tick had a live-action show on Fox, which was loved by many and lasted for all of eight episodes.
  4. American Idol is currently at episode 312, proving America is about as smart as The Tick.

Cracked on The Tick

The Tick was a show that offered a little bit of something to everyone that watched it. Those that liked action got a humongous blue guy who could take any kind of hit imaginable, with super strength and a sidekick who could fly. Those that liked the deeper parodies and merits of a show found something they could lord over the first group of people that watched the show.

"Dude did you see that blue guy run through that wall? This show is kickass!"

"Dude, did you see that blue guy punch through that wall? This show is AWESOME!"

Parody was the name of the game here. You can't really expect to make a serious show when your main character tends to go off on rants about justice being a back scratcher or stuff like that. Or when you include a Batman style character, call him "Die Fledermaus" and have him be as ineffectual as pre-punctured condoms. In fact, let's go over the cast:

Cast, this is Cracked. Cracked, cast.

There's Sewer Urchin, a cross between Aqua Man and Rain Man. There's his useless sidekick, Fishboy. Say hi to the Batman clone, Die Fledermaus. Then there's Tick's ex-accountant turned moth sidekick, Arthur. Finally, there's American Maid, the only really competant hero on the show, which is kind of sad considering her secret identity consists of her dusting coffee tables.

This...fighting crime...yes.