Wiggers are white individuals who think they are black. Poor dellusional fools. Here's a helpful chart, drawn for me by a wigger:

How helpful is that, homies?

(pictured above) Chav Scum

Just The Facts

  1. The word wigger is shortened from the term "White N****r". No, figure out that last word for yourself.
  2. In England, Wiggers come in the form of chavs, youths who enjoy random violence and failing at life.
  3. Usually degenerates, wiggers are living out other peoples lives because their own is so depressing

Wigger phrases translated

  • Howz you mate? - How are you my dear fellow?
  • Do yous dig my threads? - Do you like my clothes?
  • Wot time does da bus get ere?- What time will the bus arrive?
  • Lets go grab some yum yum! - I'm rather hungry, let's get something to eat
  • Would yous dig to get jiggy wiv mr biggy - I love you

How to spot a wigger

Here is some helpful text I found on the internet:

1: Hat. Must be worn backwards, as a symbol of anti-conformity. Under the hat- a 'mushroom' hairstyle, or shaved head altogether. Hat must bear a sports team or a marijuana leaf.

2: Practiced sneer. Try not to laugh in the wigger's face when he flashes you his look of anger, as he's spent many hours in the mirror getting his look of disdain 'just right'. The practiced sneer may reveal a gold-capped tooth or 2, but this is optional, as many parents dont have extended dental plans which will cover their kids cosmetic dentistry.

3: Tattoos. Usually a tribute to a fallen rapper, sometimes the motto or slogan of a rap group, sometimes a pot leaf. In general, poor artwork that will be hard to explain to the grandkids (Grandpa- what's 'Thug Life'??)

4:T-shirt bearing logo of clothing company that doesnt want the wigger wearing their clothes. Like FUBU- an acronym meaning 'For Us, By Us', a black-owned company commiting blatant racism by implying that the clothes they sell are for blacks only. This fact is lost on the wigger, however, as he continues to patronize this company, much to the dismay of his (rapidly depleting) dignity.

5: Gang sign of gang he's not in. Since he lives miles away from the first hint of urban blight, he can afford to throw up sets he doesnt belong to, scaring the elderly into thinking he's some kind of gangster, without fear of being killed by a real gang member for the crime of 'false-flaggin' (claiming you're down with a particular gang when you're not).

6: Gun. Usually a Crossman BB gun, just realistic enough to get wigger chicks to swoon over their fearless romeo.

7: Underwear sticking out a minimum of 6 inches above waistband. Some say it's laziness, but to a wigger, it's all about fashion. Not only do you get to show off otherwise-private underwear labels to the world, you get the added thrill of ventilation on your asscrack.

8: Jeans. Expensive. The wigger must wear pants that are a minimum of 40 full sizes over his original size. The legs should be large enough to hold the population of a 3rd world country in, and should drag across the floor freely, like the train on a wedding gown.

9: Sneakers. Dont tell the wigger that his 250 dollar sneakers are made of the same material as Kmart's 25 dollar ones- it's all about fashion, yet again, and to wear anything less than the hottest sneaker out at the moment would be akin to showing up at a black panther meeting wearing a klan hood. In case you were wondering, the wigger has no remorse over the fact that his sneakers were made in a sweatshop by an underage peon laborer who made 2 cents that entire day making the shoes that help the wigger fit in with his materialistic social circle.

10: The city. This is the wigger's preferred habitat. Ignore the fact that they mostly dwell in the suburbs, any decent, upstanding wigger will, AT MINIMUM, have a cardboard cutout of a city skyline in his suburan backyard to stand in front of while posing as a hardened tough guy.

11: They'll be white!

How to avoid Chavs (for my english readers)

  • Recognise what a Chav actually is.
  • Surprisingly, a "Chav" is somebody who - wears burbery, polo shirts with upturned collars, tracksuits, "bling" and listens to hip hop, R 'n' B, Drum 'n' Bass etc.
  • This person is actually, a moron. If you will.
  • A "Chav" is actually an alien from another world who does all of these things but also displays an even worse set of characteristics such as: being rude to everyone (including, if not especially their best friends); having extremely bad manners and even worse command over the English language.
  • The almost inability to talk properly is the staple of Chavs. A Chav can also be identified as someone who tries to act like they are black, or possibly Jamaican, but ironically sometimes secretly(or not so secretly) harbours racist views.
  • They have also proved time and time again to be bullies.
  • Avoiding someone simply because they look like a Chav, or enjoy "Chavvy" things is no better than being a Chav, who often hate or at least look down on those who display different characteristics to their own.
  • Someone who dresses like a Chav, but is a nice person, is better being described as "Chavvy" than an actual Chav.
  • By instantly judging anyone that looks like they may be a Chav, you are in fact no better yourself.

  • Avoid "Chavvy" areas. It is well known that Chavs are usually found in large groups, gangs, and even "posses".
  • It is also well known that these can be found in poor urban areas. It is often a fair judgment to say that any poor urban or suburban areas contain large amounts of Chavs. Avoid such places, or spend as little time there as possible.
  • Chavs are infamous dwellers of council houses, and these too are likely to have at least one Chav in every one of them.
  • City centers are often favourite haunts for Chavs, who will gather their in large groups, admittedly this is rarely to do anything productive.
  • If you stay away from these areas you may not need to deal with Chavs too often.