Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was a writer most famous for being one of the smartest motherfuckers to sit at a typewriter, purely based on the fact that he added aliens to World War II and shit out a literary classic.

Just The Facts

  1. As a soldier in WWII, Vonnegut talked shit to a German soldier and survived the fire-bombing of Dresden (which he later wrote about in his book "Slaughterhouse 5"), leading many to wonder how he fit his giant balls in a military uniform.
  2. The asteroid 25399 Vonnegut is named after him, presumably because he was in touch with aliens that would send it hurtling towards Earth were it named for someone less deserving.
  3. In the water, he was beautiful.

A Dissection of the Vonnegut Signature

The Caricature: The signature itself is surrounded by a caricature of Vonnegut himself, making sure that anyone who attended a book signing would, "Never forget what I look like, mother fucker!"*

Note: This may not be something he ever said, ever.*

The Afro: Vonnegut was sure to include the glory of his perfectly groomed afro in the caricature. The most notable feature of the fro is its striking resemblance to Albert Einstein's. Genius flocks to the afro.

Or not really. But seriously, this is fucking awesome.

The Mustache: His signature has a fucking mustache! This makes John Hancock's signature look like a bitch.