Dr. Rockzo

Dr. Rockzo: The finest rock 'n' roll clown around. All of Dethklok except Toki "doesn't like this guys." Toki says "hes mys friend."

Just The Facts

  1. His name is Dr. Rockzo.
  2. He's a rock and roll clown.
  3. He does cocaine.
  4. You can see his junk through his jumpsuit.

The Best Rock 'n' Roll Clown Around...

Dethklok thought that it would be a good idea to have a birthday clown for Murderface's birthday. His entrance onto the stage is nothing short of opening a Pandora's Box to psychotic rock 'n' roll clown antics.

Did you see how he blew up the balloon with his ass? Isn't anyone curious how the hell that would work?

"We Just Don't Like This Guy"

Toki invites Dr. Rockzo to Mordhouse to hang out, shoot some guards, and joyride in the car that JFK was shot in. Dr. Rockzo pays a visit to his old buddy Murderface and gives him a hand job.

Dethklok holds a meeting, with Dr. Rockzo chained to a chair. They ask him if he needs a lift home. Dr. Rockzo says, "Ummmhmmm." Then Dr. Rockzo gets the shit beat out of him by Dethklok's hooded minions by order of their robotic band manager.

"I Need Your Help!"

Since it is well known that Dr. Rockzo loves cocaine, a lot of cocaine, he turns to Toki and Dethklok for help. Dr. Rockzo used to be a lead singer and only wanted to be paid in cocaine. A documentary about Dr. Rockzo was released:

Dethklok actually managed to help Dr. Rockzo get clean, for about three minutes.

Tony Montana should have been his band manager. They probably would get along just fine given their outrageous voices, tendency to bury themselves in mountains of cocaine, and carry firearms.

"You want some cocaine mang? Fuhking clown."