Coupling was a comedy show based in London that tracks the lives of 6 friends who talk with annoyingly sexy British accents. The show ran for four seasons from May 2000 to June 2004

pictured ... British accent

Just The Facts

  1. US remake was created and ran in September 2003, but was cancelled after 4 episodes, because no one spoke with a hot enough accent
  2. When you put together Jeff Murdock and Patrick Maitland, you get Barney Stinson

Cracked on Coupling

Coupling was a show loosely based on Friends (loosely because apart from the two episodes of Friends when they head to London, there aren't really any more similarities). It mainly deals with the sexual exploits and dating lives of six friends in their thirties.

Jeff Murdoch

Jeff has an attention span comparable to that of a wasp, and can't go 10 minutes without saying the word "breasts". Jeff has provided us with valuable insights like

  • The Nudity Buffer: The time it takes for you to work out exactly how an attractive woman would look naked (don't forget the time it takes to assess her nipple type)
  • The Sock Gap: Taking off your socks after your shoes and before your trousers. That's the sock gap. Miss it, and you're a naked man in socks
  • V.A.A : The Visual Access Angle! When a woman's wearing a skirt, you know somewhere in that room sitting all the time is a VAA. A clear line of sight to base camp.