Its water you should know what the hell it is. It's a threesome of oxygen, hydrogen, and an other hydrogen particles, just getting freaky.

because someone had to include boobs

look at that luscious, wet, moist water.

Just The Facts

  1. Water makes up most of most things.
  2. Water comes in liquid, solid, and gas form.
  3. Is one of the four classical elements.
  4. Might be considered best liquid of all time, which is second only to alcohol.
  5. Can be an asshole most of the time.

Science Crap about Water

Water, H2O, is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. It is an essential of life (but life helps velociraptors. this means that water is HELPING THE ENEMY! BOILL YOU MUTANT MENACE, FEAR THE MACARONI! ahem. as I/other persone writing this was saying). Its purpose is supposed to cool of the body when its hot. But I am still burning after looking at Megan Fox.


Home of Sealife

All sort of life lives in oceans, lakes, river, and ect. Also did you know thet every dirty thing imaginable is in the water. So now when you are swimming in the ocean, you should keep that in mind. Now that you are disgusted now you have to look out for sharks, the soul eating Deep Sea Hatchetfish, and other nightmarish fish. Also the ocean is a big place and you might end being stuck on a raft with a volley ball. Sort of like that documentary Tom Hanks did.

Look at that smug bastard. he knows you're screwed.

Water the Asshole

Did you ever think that water enjoys not being in the desert. It probably enjoys the thought of your thirst. Also it can trap you on an island ranging from the one Tom Hanks was on to the one that is on Lost.

Now you know why it was never a part of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Also you might not even know when water will come to get you. It could disguise itself as ice or water vapor. or a velociraptor. Fear the raptor, See the raptor, Feel the raptor Be the raptor


Know you know the evils of water what are you going to do about it. Nothing there is nothing you can do about it. It is too powerful.

Not even this guy can kill water.

Not even Adam West can kill water.


Water lies at the heart of many many many many many to the power of ten annoying riddles. Avoid them at all costs