Pearl Jam

Pearl jam is an American grunge band.

Pearl jam

Just The Facts

  1. Pearl jam is one of the oldest Grunge bands.
  2. On 16th April,during Saturday Night Live, Vedder pulled back his jacket to reveal a "K" in a salute for a friend (Kurt Cobain)
  3. In a film "Singles", Vedder, Grossard and Ament appear as members of Matt Dillons Band.

Pearl jam

Pearl jam is an American band what was formed in Seattle, Washington 1991. Bands line-up includes Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron, who joined the band in 1998. Ament and Gossard formed Pearl jam after their previous band Mother Love Bone, Pearl jam had majorsuccess with their first debut album "Ten". Pearl jam was criticized alot by other grunge band Nirvana's front man Kurt Cobain who thought that Pearl jam was a corporate cash-in on Alternative rock explosion.Altough before Cobains death, they had quite friendly relationship. Since its inception, the band has sold over 13 million albums in U.S, estimatedly over 60 millon worldwide. Pearl jam has overlasted many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock breakthrough in 90's, and is considered to be one of the most influential bands of decade. "Allmusic" calls Pearl jam "The most popular American rock and roll band of the 90's.


Pearl Jam entered Seattle's "London Bridge Studios" in march 1991, to record its debut album "Ten". Released on August 27 same year, ten contained 11 tracks, what dealed with such topics as depression, abortions,loneliness and murders. Ten's musical side was influenced by Classic Rock ,combined and "Harmonical Voabulary" with an anthemic sound."Ten" had major hits like "Alive" Jeremy" and "Even Flow". The album was slow to sell but in 1992, it became a success and they reached 2nd place on Billboard charts.With the success Pearl jam became a key member of the Seattle grunge explosion, beside Nirvana,Soundgarden and Alice in chains.

"Ten" stayed in Billboard charts for 2 years, and has become one of the most popular album ever, which got it 13 times platinum.


Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder was born on 23rd December, 1964 in Evanston,Illinois. He is american musician who serves as lead singer and one of three guitarists for Pearl jam. Vedder left Southern California and moved to Seattle Washington to join Pearl jam in 1990. He is famous for his amazing baritone voice, and is considered as icon in Alternative rock. He has also involved in other music projects outside Pearl jam, including soundtrack work and contributions to albums by other artists. In 2007, Vedder released his first solo album in the form of a soundtrack for a film " Into the wild".

Jeff Ament

Jeff Ament, was born on March 10 , 1963 in Havre Montana. He serves as an bassist for a band Pearl jam. He is one of the founders on Pearl jam. Ament is also known for his prior to Pearl jam with the 1980's bands like Green River and Mother Love Bone. He is known for his work with fretless bass, upright bass and 12 string bass guitar. Ament was also a member of another band called "Three Fish". In 2008 Ament released his first solo album "Tone".

Stone Gossard

Stone Gossard was born on 20th July, 1966 in Seattle Washington.He serves as a rhytm guitarist in Pearl jam. Gossard is also known for his work in bands like Green River and Mother Love Bone, and he has made contributions to the music industry as a producer and a owner of a record label and a recording studio. Gossard has also been a member of a side project band "Brad". In 2001 Gossard released his solo album "Bayleaf".

Mike McCready

Mike McCready was born on april 5th, 1966 in Penascola Florida. His parents moved shortly after his birth to seattle. He plays as the lead guitarist in Pearl jam.He has been also a member to sideproject bands like Mad Season and The Rockfords.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron was born on November 28. 1962 in San Diego California. He serves as drummer in Pearl jam. After getting his start with Seattle Washington-based rock band Skin Yard, he first gained his notoriety in a grunge band Sound Garden, which he joined in 1986, until 1997 when the band broke up. In 1998, Cameron was invited to drum on Pearl jam's U.S. Yield Tour. He soon became a permanent member and has remained in the band ever since. Cameron has served as drummer to such bands as Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy .

Discography and notable songs

Ten = 1991 = Alive, Even flow, Black

Vs. = 1993 = Animal, Daughter, Leash

Vitalogy = 1994 = Nothing man, Better man, Immortality

No Code = 1996 = Sometimes, Smile, Off he goes

Yield = 1998 = Given to fly, Faithfull, Do the evolution

Binaural = 2000 = Light years, Nothing as it seems, Rival

Riot Act = 2002 = Save you, Love boat captain, I am mine

Pearl jam = 2006 = Life wasted, World Wide Suicide, Gone

Backspacer = 2009 = Gonna see my friend, The Fixer, The End

More facts about Pearl jam

1. Eddie's full name is Edward Louis Seversen III. He used his stepfathers last name "Mueller", before using "Vedder" his mothers maiden name.

2. Eddie has got 2 foot pedals, one is labeled "Dirt", and the other is "Soap"

3. Eddie has filled-in for three bands, The Doors (in 1993), Jim Morrison (During a three song set) and The Ramones (in 2002)

4. Mike McCready plays lead guitar on the Stillwater songs in a Cameron Crowes movie "Almost Famous"

5. The tattoo of a crossed tomahawk and a wrench on Vedders right calf is the logo of "Earth First" environment group

6. 15 year old Matt Cameron sings "Puperty Love" in a 1978 cult classic "Attack of the killer Tomatoes"

7. Vedder wrote song "Life wasted" in a car, after attending the funeral of Johnny Ramone, who he called "The best friend i ever had on planet"

8. The band made its first debut on October 1990 at a small Seattle club called "Off Ramp"