L33t Speak

L33t speak (elite speak) is the language of computer geeks and idiots (not mutually exclusive) the wide world over. It's astoundingly annoying to read.

Thanks a fucking lot World of Warcraft.

the secret truth about l33t speak

If you can find an actual use for this program you may want to get out more often

Just The Facts

  1. Common language of nerds around the world.
  2. Really fucking hard to understand.
  3. 2 l33t 4 u n00b
  4. Mostly just a simple switching around of words numbers and symbols. As codes go it's somewhere above A = 1 and below morse
  5. When our new robot overlords take over the earth their language of interaction with the fleshbag slave species shall be l33t

A brief history of L33t

Despite being utterly retarded now l33t actually started out as kind of cool. Back in the day when dinosaurs and MS-DOS still roamed the earth hackers and government agents played some pretty hard core cat and mouse games back and forth, since e-feds couldnt be every where they used key word scanners to go through data streams from chat rooms and if something popped up they could investigate deeper. So hackers being the clever individuals they are figured out that if you dont use the key words the cops cant find you. However they still wanted to be able to communicate in a quick and efficent manner that didnt require complex and expensive encoding programs. So they just swapped some letters and numbers that looked kinda like letters around and created l33t. Thusly this:

"Yeah I'm totally going to hack the white house computer later and try to trick the president in to thinking that the canadians are coming over the border mounted on flying war bears"

became this:

"Y34h 1m t0t411y 901n9 2 h4x05z t3h \/\/h1t3 h0|_|53 c0mp|_|73r l8r & 7ry 2 7r1ck the pr35 1n 2 th1nk1ng t3h c4n4d14n5 r c0m1n9 0v3r t3h b0rd3r m0|_|n73d 0n fly1ng \/\/4r b34r5"

If you were a federal agent who'd gotten a mere justice or law degree boldly venturing in to the strange new world of cyberspace would you have any idea what the hell is going on? hell we had trouble reading the above and we wrote it.

L33t today has spawned and interbred furiously with it's children/siblings/cousins chat speak and text speak which basically all sum up in to acronym hell for the uninitiated. The merging of these results in the l33t speak of today which can be found being practiced by "that annoying retard" on just about any forum, blog, or game in the known internet. Just look around, you'll find him.

A quick guide to l33t:

It really doesnt get more simple then l33t speak just replace the letters with numbers but here's a quick "l33t-english" guide to get you started on the road to a life of cold, lonely nerddom

A - 4

E - 3

G - 9

I - 1

O - 0

S - 5/$

T - 7

Common Terms

H4xz0r5 - Hacking or a Hacker

L33t - Leet "Elite"

N00b - even my grandmother knows this one

suxz0r5 - Sucks, you know like your mom

R0x0rz5 - Rocks, like everyone's life but yours

Pwn3d - Owned, getting your ass handed to you like you did through out high school

Pr0n - Porn, the force that holds the universe together and makes the world spin on it's axis

That's it, that's really all you need to know to arm yourself for the big text based nerd off next weekend.