Kentucky Gentleman

Kentucky Gentleman is a blended bourbon whiskey produced by Barton Brands at its Bardstown, Kentucky distillery. It is composed of 51% Kentucky Bourbon and 49% grain alcohol, which allows it to still (barely) be called bourbon.

The Gentleman!

These guys clearly know how to party, Gentleman style!

Just The Facts

  1. Its mixture of bourbon and grain alcohol allow it to be sold very cheaply.
  2. Its consumption can be indirectly attributed to some of the better footage seen on the TV show "Cops".
  3. Marketed for consumers who have lost all self worth and regard for their health.
  4. Can also be used as paint thinner or embalming fluid.

Origins of the Gentleman.

Kentucky Gentleman was first manufactured on what was presumably a dare. The concept of mixing nearly equal parts of bourbon and grain alcohol appealed to a demographic of bourbon lovers who do not want any recollection whatsoever of the night before. Its cheap price and convenient pint, liter, and half gallon sizes appeal to many college students and mobile home residents throughout the United States. Despite its collection of lowbrow consumers, the name alone conjures images of Kentucky's elite class.

Kentucky's elite class

Kentucky's elite class.

Taste and Quality

Kentucky Gentleman has varied reviews and opinions of its taste and quality. suspiciously described this $6.99 bourbon as "Medium Amber color. Perfumed and fruity with clean roasted nut and caramel, and dried cherry flavors with a smooth finish. Nice oaky flavor evidences solid aging. Well done". A review of had mixed opinions and mainly attributed its finer points to being cheap. described it as having a flavor like " the sweat of a drunk who got drunk on Bourbon".

According to its parent web site,, they describe Kentucky Gentleman as having an "Authentic bourbon taste" and having an "Image evoking and well known name". They finally wrap up the description mentioning its "Distinctive and attractive package". A sample of the product does in fact reveal an authentic bourbon taste, but in the same manner that masturbation produces an authentic sexual experience. Barton Brands is also correct with its description as an image evoking and well - known brand. Any college freshman pledging a fraternity can vividly recall the intestinal pain and graphic coma nightmares it produces by simply smelling it. Finally, its distinctive and attractive package appeals to the most discerning rail yard hobo or highway drifter.