Rock Climbing. It's like hiking, except vertical.

Just The Facts

  1. Bouldering: Climbing on small rocks or walls usually 10 feet or less in height, without ropes.
  2. Free Solo: Climbing a route/wall without the help of a partner and without the safety of ropes or gear.
  3. Lead Climbing: This is climbing with a rope. The Lead Climber brings the rope up and fastens it to hardware on the wall or mounts hardware on the wall for the rope.


This fun sport can be picked up at any age. I've seen 4 year olds scale walls like they were spiders.

One of the most reknown climbers was Dan Osman. He was famous for his daring free-solo climbs around the world and his "Flossing the Sky" stunt where he would jump from a cliff and fall hundreds of feet allowing his climbing ropes to catch him, similar to bungee jumping. Dan Osman fell to his death doing this. It was innevitable really, I mean come on. He was jumping from god damn cliffs with just a rope.

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