The Playstation brand was created by science and the japanese

Stolen from the Sony Training Initiative

Just The Facts

  1. Playstation is a brand name attached to four consoles. The PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3
  2. P.S: PS stands for Playstation
  3. P.P.S: Except for that P.S
  4. The first playstation could only play games and audio CD's. The playstation 3 can play games, dvd movies, blu-ray movies, audio files, show photos and access the internet


Back in the days of yesteryear, videogames weren't all that impressive. Sure, shooting people is always fun, no matter how it looks, but sometimes the consumer wants some three dimensional graphics with, you know, some depth.

This just doesn't cut the mustard for today's standards!

This thought obviously occurred to both Ken Kutaragi and Hiroshi Yamauchi, the chairmen of Sony Computer Entertainment and the president of Nintendo respectively. In 1986, Nintendo were looking into concepts of a disc based computer entertainment system to develop. At the time, Sony and Philips had both developed their own CD-ROM/XA, an extension to the CD-ROM which didn't suffer from the problems of earlier writeable discs, such as minimal copy protection. Nintendo made a deal with Sony instead of Philips in hopes of developing a console that incorporated both discs and cartridges for gaming.

Unfortunately in 1991, Hiroshi learnt that Sony were being, to put it bluntly, douche bags. He realised the agreement they had made basically gave Sony control over pretty much everything that the console did. Unreasonable? Yeah, it was, but instead of acting like an adult and talking to Sony, Hiroshi decided to be even more a dick. He SECRETLY cancelled all plans between Sony and Nintendo and when on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show, announced a deal between Nintendo and Phillips.

Pictured: A jerk

Instead of giving up like pussies, Sony said "Fuck Nintendo, we'll do it ourselves!" and made the Playstation which played games from discs. This meant the Playstation faced competition from the Sega Saturn, another disc-based console and the Nintendo 64, which played games from cartridges. Who would win the mighty console war of the mid-nineties? Only time would tell!

Time has spoken. Playstation won with 102 million consoles sold, compared to the 9.5 million Saturn's sold and the 32 million Nintendo 64's sold. Take that Nintendo, taste the ironic justice!


The Playstation was released in 1994 and sold 102 million units during its overall lifespan on planet Earth. It was well received by consumers, and the best selling game for the system was Gran Turismo, a driving/racing simulator for people who have never suffered the horrors of rush hour (the situation, not the movie).

The film brought about a WHOLE different kind of suffering

The first playstation simply played audio discs and videogames. It was nothing more than a videogame console. It was discontinued in March 2006.

The Playstation 2 was launched in 2000, to much fanfare, sporting more features and better graphics. It has sold about 140 million units (citation needed) and is still available from most retailers. Its best selling game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a crime simulator that brings out the best in all of us.


The PSP or Playstation Portable was set loose in 2004 and has sold 60 million units so far. Being portable and all that shizzle, it gave gamers the ability to stop playing games in their living room, handing them the opportunity to go outside in the fresh air and play games there instead. The best selling game at the moment is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for some reason unknown to us. In 2009, the PSP Go was released to very little fanfare, due to its lack of awesome, even with its oddly brilliant sliding screen design.

"Not selling? But it's so COOOOOL!"

The Playstation 3 was released in 2006 and has so far sold 36 million units worldwide. After a poor start due to a ridiculous $600/£425 price tag, the PS3 sales picked up after the release of the PS3 Slim in 2009 which was sold at a more sane price of $299/£250 (that's one pound per gigabyte, UK readers). The PS3 currently has a 250GB hard drive (which can be replaced with a laptop hard drive), which can store games, game saves, videos, music and photos. Quite a change from the original playstation, wouldn't you say? The best selling game for the system at this point in time is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. Stealth with walking sticks. Awesome.

"Oh god, my back! Someone get the nurse!"

The future of Playstation (or specifically the PS3) includes Playstation Move, a motion control system and 3D gaming.